EurekaZone, LLC
"Smart Tools for Smart People"

Smart Woodworking System

Eurekazone started operations in 2001 in Edison, NJ focusing on bringing safety and innovation to the wood workers looking for better alternatives.
The founder Dino ‘the carpenter’ brought his passion for invention to the wood working industry establishing EurekaZone and the user forum.
Eurekazone has been bringing Dino’s ideas to life ever since, designing, manufacturing and retailing better and safer alternatives for wood workers everywhere.

Eurekazone pioneered the ‘deadwood concept’ tm and created the EZ Smart brand of tools with this philosophy. This means that the tools and accessories created keep the wood "dead" still in place as you cut, bore, plane, rout, etc.
By naming the concept "deadwood" we mean that the wood is trapped in place and the tools are positioned so that your hands and fingers are well clear of the blade, substantially reducing the risk of injury.

Today, Eurekazone, LLC operates from a new expanded facility in Ocala, Florida designing and manufacturing the next generation of tool innovations.
Holders of a number of patents related to the EZ Smart Line of tools, Eurekazone now ships products around the world. Recognized for its quality, innovation and performance EZ Smart tools are setting new standards of performance while keeping its users safe.

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