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This Old House Magazine, December 2003
#2 Best of Home Tech: Top 20 Tools-
Eurekazone Tracksaw System

Quoted from “Woodsmith.” Issue #167:

“This innovative guide system turns your circular saw into a precision tool for cutting sheet stock.”

“'s also a great tool for the small shop because it enables you to make perfect cuts using an ordinary circular saw.”

“...At first glance, the ez smart looks like a lot of other straightedge saw guides on the market. But there are some key differences in how the Ez Smart works.”

“...All this features are great,but what makes the EZ Smart really stand out are the accessories available for it.”

“...After taking a look at these, you quickly realize that this isn't just a saw guide---it's a precision cutting system for the circular saw.”

Straight from the ez users.

"When I was done, I stacked the panels into a pile, lined them up and felt along the edges and they were all square and sized right on the money to each other. No chipout on the cut edges either. I know I wasn't exactly stretching the capabilities of the system, but for my first "real" cuts on the EZ-One, I was pretty happy. Tonight will be my first attempt with the SSRK. I will post back here how that goes."
Jim Scharosch, Center Point, Iowa

"EZ = Chick magnet? posted here: Well, maybe not that extreme, but here's the story: -I'm working on a 1940's house for a lady client; wood shiplap walls with 1/4" paneling installed over the top of the shiplap some years ago. She wants some of the door openings enlarged, along with some other changes. This house has leaning walls and out of level floor, but my work needs to be level and square. Enter the EZ track. So, about mid-day last Friday, after I'd begun one of the door enlargements, she comes to check on progress. In the midst of the mess, she's verbally processing all of the changes I've done, and the ones I'm about to do. Then, she spies my 100" EZ track leaning against the wall. She's half-way into a sentence identifying the EZ track with something related to the house, and then stops abruptly, realizing she is clueless about what the track is. At that point, I quickly inform her that in order to make straight and level lines in this house, I set the EZ track to a laser level line, fasten it to the wall, and have my circular saw run on this track giving me a perfectly straight, level cut. Before I'd finished my short explanation, she 'got it': she connected the cool and efficient way of doing what needed to be done in the best way possible, using the EZ track. Literally, her jaw dropped and she exclaimed with enthusiasm and admiration, "That is absolutely the most amazing thing ever!!" She was totally taken up with the concept. So, maybe 'Chick magnet' is a bit strong, but, hey, maybe Dino's putting something in the aluminum extrusions we don't know about?

"Thank you!
I can't say it enough. I had all but given up on woodworking and home remodeling projects. Cancer treatments and surgery left me very mobility challenged. My left arm really only stabilizes me and keeps me from listing starboard. My wife (otherwise known as "she who must be obeyed") had placed orders for wall shelving and cabinets. Now that I have my new smart table and rip sizer, I was able the cut 4 sheets of plywood. 19" X 48" and 12" x 48" pieces. The entire job, set up to clean up took three hours. I know if I was on the clock it would have to go much faster, but being a senior citizen, I have noticed a strange occurrence -- my clock does not measure energy levels or measure time accurately. So I have to take longer coffee breaks so my clock can catch up to me. In any event I am elated that I was able to cut the entire list so fast and without even using my table saw. Everything was perfectly square, and to size.
Thanks again! Phil"

New Twist What kicked the whole thing off for me was not the competing toe to toe with the table saw. I have made a couple of posts where I think that is fruitless. What I am finding is the all around versatility and portability has much interest. It may take a while to catch on, but it will. The contractors in my area all drive big trucks, or vans. The kind of rig that drinks gasoline like my dog eats food. As the price of gas climbs the men are more interested in listening to time and cash saving solutions. It doesn't take many trips back to the table saw from a few miles out, to think -- there has to be a better way. The fewer trips back to that 800 lbs. monstrosity the more money saved. When one thinks about all the gamut of savings possibilities . . . Gas. Fewer tools to buy. Fewer hands to do the work (labor cost). Time with fewer trips to the shop. Space (job on site or less shop floor space). Safety with (DWC) especially that as we speak the Federal Gov. is revising power tool safety requirements. The cost of money. All of these are external reasons for customers to seriously consider EZ System Products. I think the future is looking much better, in a variety of ways .

"Amazing!!! I was finally had time to assemble and use the EZ system yesterday for the first time and I was astounded by the ease and quality of cut using just the track, the EZ-ready Makita 5008 MGA, Smart Clamps, my Shop-Vac & portable work bench. I live in an apartment/condo so space and storage are are at a premium. I was able to trim down a roughly 2'x6' scrap of 1/2" BC plywood on my 11'x5' balcony in the remaining 8'x5'-ish space left with out removing 2 bikes and a BBQ thanks to the EZ Track. Once the saw was settled on the track all I had to do was walk along and keep the trimmed portion from binding the blade. Because I was using a scrap I was able to compare the milled edge, a cut edge from another edge guide, and the EZ cut. The EZ cut edge looks finished. Add to the cut the dust removal and this is not wood working like the old days. I had minimal clean up as well. I have several projects and these simple quality tools just made my life easier (or EZ-er.) I could go on and I have other questions I'll post later but simply Wow, how often these days do we buy something that exceeds expectations.
I can't wait to get the Smart Table and RipSizer going.
Steve Grabe Sierra Madre, CA"

"The EZ way I worked on some cedar fascia this last week that had to have the top edge beveled to match the roof and all joints had a 15 degree scarf joint. All the ripping was done with my ripsizer it rips bevels great. and square cuts were accomplished with the ez square. The soffit was cedar plywood and all joints had to be beveled with a 15 degree scarf jnt per the general contractor the miter square with my saw set on 15 degrees accomplished that nicely. All corners had to be mitered I stepped off the corners by laying one piece over the other and marking it then cutting with a piece of track clamped. wich worked perfect try cutting accross a 12inch board on a 45 with a miter saw it doesn't work.
The joints were perfect. All the soffit was ripped to 12 inches wide with the ripsizer that was a lot easier to move the ripsizer over the sheet than the sheet through a table saw.
Another job completed faster and easier with the ez system.
Who needs a table saw they are some kind of dinosaur I think it might be extinct at least on my truck it is!

"Yes, folks, the EZ-One cuts square! As a fairly new EZ-One user I decided I would try cutting an old, used, warped, with linoleum-glued-surface, piece of 3/4" plywood to see if I could get a "really" square cut like Dino promises. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it DOES AS ADVERTISED and cuts beautifully square, clean, cross cuts (not that I doubted). I knew it was good but this is outstanding! I used the run of the mill, general purpose, 24T blade that came on my Makita 5008 and even with the bumpy, dried-glue surface, there were no tearouts. I also cut a couple of 3' lengths with the same results. I have included a couple of pictures to commemorate the event. (Disclaimer - I DID fudge a little and adjusted the table to square before attempting this daredevil feat.
Jim Ringquist, Grand Marais, MN